Medical Billing

This eighty hours (80 hrs.) Medical Billing Training Program is an intensive, student-focused approach to teaching and learning the foundational insurance billing skills. Each chapter contains many examples that clarify insurance billing terminology, medical coding conventions and applications, illustrate claims submissions guidelines, various laws that affect insurance billing and the “language of the insurance billing industry”. This course also covers the basics of medical coding which includes the International Classification of Diseases ,Tenth Revision Clinical Modification(ICD-10-CM), International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision Procedure Coding System (ICD -10-PCS), Health Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT).

Students will be able to learn the basic knowledge required to become a Professional Medical Billing Assistant.The insurance billing industry is constantly changing, keeping that in mind, this course includes the most current information available..


To provide training to students who seek a career in Medical Billing or related health care profession with examples of professionalism, integrity and service excellence in an entry-level position.


1. Introduce students to the health insurance industry.

2. Provide students with a foundation in medical billing.

3. Demonstrate commonly used insurance claims procedures.

4. Prepare students for entry-level insurance billing positions.

5. Present insurance claims processing instructions for several major health insurance programs.
6. Provide students with a variety of application exercises.


Upon successfully completing this course, the student should be able to
1. Explain the career opportunities associated with health insurance billing.

2. Describe the development of the heath insurance industry.

3. Discuss the legal aspects of health insurance billing.

4. Accurately complete the insurance claim form according to health insurance program guidelines.

5. Assign the correct medical codes to both diagnostic and treatment information.

6. Receive a certificate of completion and is eligible to take the National
Examination given by the NHA, an approved testing agency.


Please call H I H T S Registrar. 


  •  Scrub Uniform
  •  White Close-Toed Shoes
  •  Notebook, Pen and Pencil
  •  Laptop computer (optional, consult the instructor)


  •  Completed application form
  •  Pre-screening Test complete (70% passing score)
  •  Eighteen years of age or older
  •  High school graduate or GED
  •  Computer Literate


Fee for the program is $975.00 per student and includes tuition, registration & book. 

Schedule of Charges: (Payment Plan) 

  • $250.00 Non-Refundable Pre-Registration
  • $362.50 1st Week of Class
  • $362.50 2nd Week of Class

Total cost $975.00 

Click here to Download the Medical Billing Program Handbook (PDF)

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