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HIHTS offers professional training for careers in the fields of Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Billing, Nurse Assistant Training, Pharmacy Technician, and Phlebotomy Training.


Medical Billing

Medical Billing classes will equip the student to learn the foundational insurance billing skills for Hawai’i. Graduates may pursue entry-level positions such as Insurance Claims Processor, Biller or Insurance Biller. Graduate with confidence and qualification to become a professional and Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS).
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Phlebotomy Training

The practical training at the facility is so important because you are actually getting hands-on experience. Under careful and skilled supervision of a certified Phlebotomist Instructor, students are trained in the art of blood drawing and policies and procedures for Phlebotomy.
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Medical Administrative Assistant

The training program teaches the student the knowledge and skills to become a professional Medical Administrative Assistant in this thriving and exciting healthcare field.
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Nurse Assistant Training

HIHTS offers Professional Nurse Assistant Training Programs on the Big Island of Hawaii in Hilo. Students are trained in basic nursing policy and procedures for use in hospitals, private homes, nursing homes and clinics. This professional training program prepares the students to become CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS (CNA).
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Pharmacy Technician

We will be offering training for pharmacy technician soon.
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