Katherine Jeffrey, RN

Corporate position
Nurse Assistant Training Instructor

Professional Experience:

Has been an instructor at HIHTS since 2014. She began her nursing career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2011 while finishing up her Associate Degree in Nursing at Hawaii Community College (May, 2013). She is currently working to advance her degree at Western Governors University (RN to BSN program). She works in skilled nursing in both the public schools and home care, and believes that care should be personalized to the client, whenever safe to do so. She is an advocate of lifelong learning, and tries to encourage all students to meet their immediate goals and also set goals to strive for in the future.”

Physical Address

1059 Kilauea Ave., Unit B/C Hilo, HI 96720

P.O. Box

P.O. Box 395, Hilo HI  96721

Phone Numbers

808-933-1295 (Main)
808-933-1266 (Office Manager)
808-933-2722 (Fax)



Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00AM to 4:00PM

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