General Policies

Please note that these are our general policies. You can find specific course requirements for each course on their respective pages under “Training Programs.”

Students shall have the right to receive all educational data pertinent to Training, Guidance, and Counseling.
1. Right to obtain education records, inspect or review them.
2. Right to request an explanation or interpretation of
3. A training that offers the students the opportunity for inquiry and development to become a successful phlebotomy technician.
4. A student shall have the opportunity to develop and express opinions, beliefs and values, provided such expression is not disruptive, slanderous or insubordinate.
5. A training staff that provides a positive model for student’s development.
6. The opportunity to approach Instructors and administrators with reasonable requests and questions concerning the training course.

HIHTS shall provide an equal opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potential goal through the offered training course regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, place of residence within the district, social or economic condition or handicap.

Students of HIHTS are not allowed to use, distribute, possess, dispense, or be under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol as prohibited by State and Federal law.

Smoking is prohibited in any of the training rooms, laboratory, restrooms and other covered areas of the training facility. Smoking area is provided outside the facility.

Students of HIHTS are expected to treat one another and staff members with respect, regardless of gender, race, color or creed, religion, socio-economic status, national origin or sexual orientation. Touching of a sexual nature, gender based or racial comments, name calling or jokes by students are not tolerated on training facility or while involved in any training practice or activity. Such nature of harassment shall be reported to the School Management.


  • If a student believes that HIHTS instructors/Trainer has failed to meet any of its responsibilities or has acted arbitrarily to meet any of its responsibilities, the student may initiate action as a remedy.
  • Grievant shall attempt to resolve the problem with HIHTS Instructor or Trainer who is involved. ?
  • If a student failed to attempt to resolve the problem with his/her instructor, the grievant shall prepare a formal complaint in writing addressed to the School Administrator.
  • School Administrator will meet separately with Grievant and the Instructor or may meet both parties if they agree in a joint discussion of the complaint.
  • Within seven (7) working days of receipt of the formal complaint, the School Administrator shall complete, and notify in writing the Grievant and Instructor of the decision.
  • Failing to achieve a satisfactory solution in the above procedure, Grievant may file an appeal in writing to HIHTS Grievance Committee.
  • Filing must be done within seven (7) working days after the Grievant has been notified to the decision or action.
  • Findings and decisions of the HIHTS Grievance Committee are final. The Grievance Committee has the authority to execute all remedies specified in the decision.

HIHTS believes in encouraging a safe work environment, and will not tolerate verbal or physical intimidation, harassment, threats or bullying toward any student.

Any student who believes that the actions or words of another student ( includes H I H T S staff, Instructors) constitute physical harm, property damage, or intimidation, harassment, bullying or a threat of violence should report it as soon as possible to the school administration. All complaints of intimidation, harassment, bullying or threats of violence will be investigated promptly and will be kept confidential to the extent possible. Any student who is found after appropriate investigation to have engaged in any intimidation, harassment, bullying, or threats of violence to another student will be subject to dismissal. H I H T S may also direct student to possible referral and support groups.

We prohibit retaliation against any student who has made a good-faith complaint of intimidation, harassment, bullying or threat of violence or who has cooperated with or been a witness during the investigation of such.

Click here to see the Student Code of Ethics.

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